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Personalise insurance with Open Banking

Leverage the power of open banking to make customer assessments faster and more informed than ever before. Quickly and confidently vet your customers.

The Problem

Traditional insurance can be a hassle to navigate, with customers often having to manually submit paperwork and provide financial information. This process can be time-consuming and can lead to errors, resulting in denied claims or incorrect coverage.

The Solution

Insurance products enabled through our APIs use real-time financial data from customers' bank accounts to streamline the process of getting insurance. By using this data, insurers can have a more accurate analysis of the customer's finances, which can help with ongoing monitoring of premiums and the underwriting process. This leads to more personalized, accurate coverage and a more seamless customer experience

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Products and Benefits

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Check your user’s overall balance in real time

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Account verifications

Confirm a user’s identity instantly

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Understand a user's spending by seeing their transactions

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Verify your user’s income

How it works

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Get Consent

We’ll ask the user if they agree to share their banking data. The user will then select the data they wish to share, and for how long it will be shared for.



Upon consent the user will authenticate into any bank of their choice simply using a biometric scan or a phone number and verification code. No login credentials will be collected.


Fiskil collects information

Fiskil collects, cleans and aggregates the user’s information fetched from the bank. Even if your user collects from multiple banks, we will always standardise and make sense of the data.