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Personalise your digital energy solutions

Transform your energy approach with a personalized touch. Leverage real-time customer insights to offer tailored solutions and add unmatched value.

The Problem

Applications that do not use a customer's energy data are not able to provide a holistic experience for customers. Without access to real-time energy usage data, these applications can only provide limited functionality, such as basic bill management and comparison. This can make it difficult for customers to effectively monitor their energy usage and costs, and take action to reduce them.

The Solution

Applications that connect to a customer's energy retailer via real-time APIs can deliver a more comprehensive experience for customers. By accessing real-time energy usage data, these applications can provide features such as detailed usage breakdowns, alerts for high usage, and personalized recommendations for reducing energy costs. This can enable customers to better understand their energy usage patterns, identify areas for improvement, and take action to reduce their energy costs. By accessing the customer's energy retailer, the application can also enable customers to monitor their solar energy generation, track their carbon footprint, and manage their home energy consumption in real-time.


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Secure and compliant

Our APIs are CDR compliant across Australia ensuring secure access to the financial system.

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Entirely re-brandable

Define your customer's experience. Easily customise all consent flows to speak your brand language.

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Save Time and Money

Our innovative platform removes cumbersome costs to access users' data. Partner with Fiskil to quickly launch your innovative product.

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You focus on building new innovations, we handle the backend complexities. We're built to scale and operate with a 99.99% uptime.

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Products and Benefits

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Check your user’s overall balance in real time

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Account verifications

Confirm a user’s identity instantly

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Understand a user's spending by seeing their transactions

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Verify your user’s income

How it works

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Get Consent

We’ll ask the user if they agree to share their energy data. The user will then select the data they wish to share, and for how long it will be shared for.



Upon consent the user will authenticate into any energy retailer of their choice simply using a biometric scan or a phone number and verification code. No login credentials will be collected.


Fiskil collects information

Fiskil collects, cleans and aggregates the user’s information fetched from the energy retailer. Even if your user collects from multiple energy retailers, we will always standardise and make sense of the data.