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Build a industry aligned Data Holder

Information Security
Consent Management

Quickly implement data sharing in alignment with the Consumer Data Right rules and API specification.

Information Security

Robust FAPI Compliance & Security

Secure customer data sharing and consistently meet Information Security standards with our certified, rigorously tested solution. Compliant with FAPI 2.0 and Consumer Data Standards, we ensure your ongoing compliance and the security of customer data.

Consent Management

Advanced Consent Authorisation and Management

Authorise data sharing with customisable screens, empowering customers to make informed data sharing choices. Our comprehensive Consent Dashboard elevates transparency, offering customers and administrators complete oversight and management of data sharing consents.


Standardised Metrics and Reporting

Comply with industry metrics standards and gain detailed insights into API performance, consent authorisations, server uptime and data sharing usage. Utilise this information to maintain ongoing reporting requirements, fostering informed decision-making and optimisation


Robust Enterprise Support

Ensure continuous compliance with our 24/7 support and robust Enterprise-grade security features, safeguarding your network and customer data effectively.


Product Data Sharing

Streamline the listing, sharing, and management of your products for secure data sharing. Our platform offers versatile integration methods, tailored to your internal product management processes



Secure and Compliant Icon
Implement easily

Provides clear guidelines to help teams of all sizes validate a successful API integration in about 6 to 8 weeks.

Entirely Re-brandable Icon
Entirely re-brandable

Define your customer's experience. Easily customise all consent flows to speak your brand language.

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Execute industry aligned data access

An SaaS solution that aligns with the latest CDR API technical standards and maintains compliance for you.

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Secure and compliant

Our Platform is CDR and SOC2 compliant ensuring secure sharing of your customer data.

Why Fiskil Holder?

Fiskil Holder helps you build an interoperable implementation of the Consumer Data Right API spec with clear guidelines for implementing authentication, consent, metrics and authorization management.