Connecting Your Business
With Open Banking Data

Integrate with Fiskil to easily access
real-time open banking data and test
how it can help your business.

Instant access to open
banking and energy

Whether you're after banking or energy data, we make it easy to access and navigate the accreditation process. All you need to do is chat to us, and we'll get you started.
Instant access to open banking and energy

Privacy and Security

We believe consumers deserve to be understood. That's the beauty of Open Banking - it democratises Australian's financial data and behaviour.
At Fiskil, we want to make sure you can access and use this data, to help us ignite a new wave of financial innovation.

Built for developers

We've made it quick and easy to connect to our powerful and scalable back-end system
GET /balance
  account_id: 'ad9fc3b4-7727-4f6c-9833-efbff724e771',
  amortised_limit: '100',
  available_balance: '200',
  credit_limit: '300',
  currency: 'AUD'
  current_balance: '1000',
Sleek and simple

Sleek and simple

Our front-end module is designed to optimise conversion, and is easy to drop in to whatever you're building.


Our APIs will instantly connect your application or website to your user's bank accounts - how you use this is up to you!

If used well, Fiskil APIs have the potential to hugely benefit your business, attract new users, and better the experience of your existing ones. Fiskil's pre-built compliance solutions, unified API and data enrichment services will cut development time, improving speed to market and lowering IT Project delivery risk.

Fiskil handles the dirty work when it comes to Open Banking and the Consumer Data Right, so companies can focus on their core business. We've built the pipes between financial institutions, big and small.

All you need to do is sign up, get an API key, and start sending requests.

Integrating with Fiskil is easy. Just sign up, and we'll give you your private API keys. From here, our Quick Start tutorial will get you started on integrating and testing our sandbox environment.

We are currently supporting a sandbox environment only, institution integration is well on the way!

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